We are a growing company manufacturing fragrance and toilets waters.
We can customize your own brand.
Invest with us and receive a European top quality product in a very attractive price.
You are welcome to visit www.christopherdark.pl to become familiar with our products and see how our company looks like. Do not forget to like our profile on Facebook.

Is it in formal language and grammatically correct?

Hi there ,

Firstly, I don't think fragrance & toilets waters go together, so I think you
are trying to say something else is combined with fragrance - maybe perfume ?

I'd personally change a few things :

We are a growing company manufacturing fragrances and (.?...?...).
Invest [Sign-up?] with us, receive a top quality European product at a very
competitive (attractive) price, and we'll even customize our products to your
specific brand.

Visit our website to become acquainted with what we offer, and familiarise yourself
with our company.

Like our profile on Facebook!
Thank you a lot ! Emotion: smile