Hi! I would like to know if this short story is interesting and especially meaningful?
Closed Ears
« We shall carry on with The Ugly Truth ‘ guest ;Mike after taking a short break. Stay still ! Will be right back » Said the interviewer.
The reason why Mike showed up on The Ugly Truth stage, was the kind of precedures this show had. The identity of the guest was secluded ; therefore, it gave him a certain release, besides and for the second time he had an oportunity to be listened to.
« We are back, still with Mike. So what I can deduce, not only me, probably the whole audience too, from your early narration is that killing your best friend was the result of closed ears ! How is that ? », Asked the interviewer with a confused tune. After making a deep sigh, Mike uttered « Yes. Having a lot of money, luxurious cars, finest clothes, and especially being the son of a noble familly hardened finding true friends. I felt lonely although million of people were surrounding me, and Jack was different, he saw who truly I am. I guess, getting used of his interaction in merely everything, made him one of my possesions. »
« But Mike what this has to do with killing your friend and closed ears » said the interviwer interupting . « I was confined to Jack’s opinions on everything. I could not choose a collar without having him arround. I was simply his second copy ! and… » « And you became Jack’ source of bordem ! » said the interviewer, interrupting for the second time.
Weirdly Mike carried out his speech, « And, that day when we were getting off the bar. I was telling him about Sunday’s party invitations, but he was unusally sloppy. His mind was obviously kept by another matter, and his fixed eyes explained one thing. He… » « still, this has nothing to do with closed ears ! » hoplessly said the interviewer, interupting again. « He was not listening ! I was totally carried away. Unconsiously, I held the gun which I always carry, and PULLED THE TRIGGER. The next thing I heard was crys of a woman standing in the opposing street. From her grumblings, I deduced that she was… »
« His mother !! So he was actually looking to his mother when you were addressing him, so … »This time, the interviewer was interrupted by Mike’s bullet.
« Heavens Above ! He is definitely a berk ! He killed the interviewer for interrupting him » Said Jane laying on the couch next to her husband watching the Ugly Truth Show. « George ! Say something » Said Jane eyeing her hsuband.
« You know Jane, I do not think he is a charley. He carried off when killing both the interviewer and his best friend »
Frozen in shock, Jane uttered« Do you mean… »
I would have completed the story, if not of the interruption my brother. Said Me, Closed Ears’ writer.

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