Can you pelase read it and see if it is OK?

Basic task of this phase is to determine and study available sources of information and on the basis of it, to question and become aware of one's own needs, wants and possibilities and thus to validate/assess them the best we can for the business partners we negotiatiate with.

Are all word used adequately here? If you have any ideas how to improve it, please let me know. Thank you
I know this is a bit late but here is my contribution:

What you have written is perfectly good English in that it is grammatical and makes sense. However, it is not “plain English”. How about the following:

What we are trying to do at this stage is to find out where we can get our informatiom from and look at it closely. When we have done that we can think about what we need and want and what we can do. We shall then be able to work out the best way forward for our business partners.
ForbesHowever, it is not “plain English"...

I fear that plain English is a foreign language in most commercial communication situations.

(Or should that be 'opportunities'?)


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Hello Forbes,

Thank you very much for your post. I can see now how far away it is from being simple and clear. And it's not late at all. I find comments of native and good (English) speakers precious.
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MrPedanticI fear that plain English is a foreign language in most commercial communication situations.
I think this can be the case where members of a particular business are talking to each other - I call it MBA speak. (Apologies to all those who have worked hard for an MBA.) Messages from the marketing and personnel (or should that be human resources) departments can be deadly. Thanks to plain English campaigns and also to EC directives on unfair terms in contracts, the language of "small print" in unnegotiated contracts, in leaflets accompanying medicines, in insurance policies and in government information leaflets and in many other cases is a lot clearer.