If you can compile it with success in SQL*Plus, please then try to compile the same one in Toad, could you?

Peter is also our Area-4 report developer! Please include him in the list.

Please advise if you’re able to access our report portal or not (by the following link).

Should it be 'GDP' instead of 'the GDP' below, shouldn't it?
In 2 years, China will be with GDP (of only mainland) of 4.5 trillion USD (the world’s 2nd economy). It’s the pride of every Chinese.

If something is wrong for this logic, maybe we sit together with May for a solution.

Under what criteria, will there be any values for BL_no for the EQ records, to which some BKG records referred?

Is it OK if we say 'continue talking' below?
Can we continue to talk about this?

This includes the logic, on B/L side, to take the 1st port_code_from (a table field) as por,
and last port_code_to as delivery port, from bl_route_legs table. This script has been
tested for such logic and is proved OK!

To confirm that I've made and verified OK for the change below.

Also I'm saying that the actual delivery port will be shown in the report, i.e. if delivery port is null, then it's shown as null. But for comparison, if delivery port is nothing, POD will be taken instead. This is the way the report is showing the ports.

I've made check-out/check-in for the sources.

To see that the sources I checked-in are not changed by others.
There are a lot of errors; it is quite confusing.
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Could you please give me more details? Thanks a lot.
Hi HuaMin Chen, based on my experience on this forum, it's better to split a long post into multiple short posts and you will get answers faster because they will be answered by different people. With a long post, you will be waiting for a person who has a lot of time to answer it. Just my two cents.