"1998 Zhejiang Travelling Craftwork and Souvenir Grand Prix"

I think "grand prix" is often used in the cases like "Japan Formula One Grand Prix" and "Luxembourg Formula One Grand Prix". But for "Craftwork and Souvenir"? I am unsure, since someone also used "World Grand Prix Badminton".
My personal opinion is that, outside of major auto races, 'Grand Prix' seems either pompous or humorous.

How does 'travelling' fit in? Are the souvenirs and crafts travelling, or are they souvenirs and crafts featuring travel? Or collected while travelling? The semantics is unclear.

(And 1998 is rather old news, isn't it?)
Is it clearly now?

Thanks for replying.
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Sorry, Jobb-- what I do not understand is the concept of what the event is, and it is not clear to me from the title you have created. It is not a sport, I presume, but what precisely is it? A competition? Best handicraft and souvenir designs? For the purpose of attracting tourists... to the Grand Prix or to the winning crafts after they are manufactured in quantity?

You see, I personally need many questions answered before I can understand the title.
That is a competition. All participants bring their tourism craftworks and souvenir manufactured by them to take part in it. The winner(s) will be awarded with honor, like Best Design...
OK, I've got the idea, thank you. Yes, I think 'Grand Prix' is wrong-- that should be a sport.

'1998 Zhejiang Tourism Craftwork and Souvenir Competition' should do nicely.
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