I'm working with people who generally speak english and I have to answer them at phone.

so I would like to know if my sentences are correct!

I have to confirme the appointment dates which are booked up and if it's not possible I have to choose an other date with them.

Imagine that somebody calls me and wants to change his appointment.

Somebody : hello, ..., I would like to change the date of ...

"I" : Wait a minute, please, I'm looking my file to propose to you an other date.

"Somebody" : OK.....

"I" : I can propose to you 9th on monday for exemple. is it wright to you (i would like to say in english " est-ce que cela vous convient?" )

"Somebody" : That's ok for me

"I" : So , we book up this date, if you want?

"Somebody" : OK

"I" : ok, it's written down. Have a nice day. Bye Bye.


If someone could read me ans then say me if it's right or not and if not, could you writte how to say..

Thanks a lot

bye bye

Someone - rings asking to change the date of their appointment.

You. No problem. If you hold on for a moment I'kll check for alternative dates.

someone: ok,

You: There is a free appointment on Monday the 9th at 3pm. Would this be convenient for you?

Someone Yes

You: so I'm booking you in for Monday the 9th at 3pm. Is that ok?

Someone yes.

You: Ok that's all confirmed then. Have a nice day (sounds a bit MacDonalds-ey). Goodbye. (Bye bye is not businesslike).
Just one more view - I personally really dislike hearing "no problem" in that setting.

I would prefer Certainly. Or I'll be glad to help you with that.
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thank's a lot for your help!

I'm learning english and then I would like to know if someone is agree about talking with me?

What about exchanging mails once or twice a week to relate ours days?

and if it's possible, you will put right my mistakes?

if it's ok for you, it's ok for me!

see you soon
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