I want to ask can we use meet in this sentense.
1) I was coming to see you.
2) I was coming to meet You.

Earlier I used to use the Second sentense only . But I find out people use the first one more frequently. Is ther anything wrong with the 2nd one. Please let me know...

"I was coming to see you" doesn't seem to imply that "you" were moving toward "me" at the time. It doesn't seem to imply that "you" knew that "I was coming to see you".

"I was coming to meet you" seems to imply that "you" and "I" had previously arranged to meet. It would be more useful in the case where "you" were waiting somewhere, say, at the airport, and "I was coming to meet you (and pick you up at the airport)".
The second sentence (I WAS COMING TO MEET YOU) gives the idea of a more formal context or in need of a location.
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thanks califjim!