I have two question forms below and want to know which one is correct or more correct as the situation might lead us to choose between the two possibly correct forms.

1. Is the answer should be this?

2. Should the answer be this?

Your n°1 will never be correct, with two conjugated auxiliaries in the same question (is + should). It could be "Is this the answer?"

Your n°2 is correct.
Hello Believer

Though I'm a mere English learner, both of your sentences sound weird to my ears. I think the problem may be that you are using "this" in the position of the complement of "be". The pronoun "this" is used quite often as a subject and sometimes as an object of a verb, but I have a feel that in English "this" seldom, if not at all, comes to the position of the complement of "be". I don't know why it is so. If "this" should be allowed to be used as a complement of "be", #2 would be the correct form from the viewpoint of sentential structure.