It has been said time and again that Kubla Khan by Coleridge is a fragmentary poem. Why? Please favour me with your worthy comments
This is what Coleridge said:
The answer is of course that 'Coleridge said so'... However, this is a poem. A poem is subjective, open to all sorts of interpretation. I'm myself majoring in English and have studied the poem intensely. My conclusion is, the poem is not a fragment. Coleridge 'said' its a fragment but close scrutiny reveals its not. Kubla's dome becomes a sort of challenge for the poet (Stanza 1) to make his own dome. Stanza 2 is a description of the muse for his creation and how he will not only live up to the challenge but will make a better creation than Kubla.
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Kubla Khan as a fragmentary poem

Kubla Khan is about poetry and poetic inspiration. It is divided into two parts. The first 36 lines of the poem deal with the naturalness, popularity, and matter of fact ness of poetry. The second part of the poem purports to mean that the speaker could build a propitious palace with music if he could revive in himself the deep delight that he felt at visions he once beheld.