Please help me to understand the following definition. Thank you.

machine shop

a workshop in which work is machined to size and assembled

[M-W's Col. Dic.]

machine (tran. verb)

to process by or as if by machine; especially : to reduce or finish by or as if by turning, shaping, planing, or milling by machine-operated tools

[M-W's Col. Dic.]

1: I think "machined" is used as an adjective. Correct?

2: I don't understand why "assembled" has been used instead of 'assemble' because both "size" and "assembled" are 'connected' to "to".

3: Perhaps the definition is saying "a workshop in which work is done using a machine(s) to size and assemble different parts etc. Is my understanding correct?
Ah, here's your problem:

You're breaking the sentence down as follows: "machined" and "to size and assembled".

In fact the sentence should be read as "machined to size" and "and assembled".

"Machined to size" means that the parts are cut down using various machines to the correct dimensions.

It's a subordinate clause with 'work as the subject used with two passive verbs.

ie a workshop in which (work is machined to size by someone and then that work is assembled by someone. )

'Work' is a noun here meaning roughly 'something that consists of various parts'.

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Thank you, CSnyder, Cliver.

@CSnyder: Yes, you are correct; I was breaking the sentence down incorrectly.

@Clive: Your explanation was very helpful.


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