Is "Married with two kids" gramatically correct
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Yes. The word 'kids' is casual.

It's just a phrase, of course.

Yes and it means that he's married and have two kids. (he's not married to the kids if that's what you're asking)
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Technically not "correct" but very common in American English for profiles and casual communication.

In a formal document "He is married and has two children."
Why do you think it's not correct?
After marriage,they have children
Before marriage?
I am simply confused with it.
Please,would you answer it.
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They are married and the have children. Traditionally they would have married before they had children. Today we have no idea. Lots of people get married after they have had children. Some people with children never marry.
anonymous Is "Married with two kids" gramatically correct
"Am married with two children/ am married with two kids" which is more formal
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