Can we say for example : I spent a higher measure of time on something ?

Would this sentence be grammatically right ?

Does it mean that : I spent a higher amount of time on something ?


It;s correct, but it is an extremely old-fashioned word.

It is still used as a technical term in the field of music.


Shangool22I spent a higher measure of time ...

Nobody talks like that these days. The expression is

I spent more time on (something).

Here are a lot of examples:



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Thanks Alot clive.

I think it's not very old fashioned though.

I have heard it somewhere from an intellectual so I think It's more of a very classy and academic phrase than old fashioned.

Anyway I am very grateful to get your reply this fast.I just wanted to make sure It's correct.

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Hi thank you very much my friend.

I think as long as it's correct It doesn't matter if it's rare and old fashioned.

I believe I have heard this phrase somewhere from a native professor.

So I don't think the expression is wrong.

But It might not be very common in a daily conversation.

Thanks again❤

Shangool22I think as long as it's correct It doesn't matter if it's rare and old fashioned.

OK. So you are not studying English because you'd like to converse with English speakers because you're considering traveling in an English-speaking country or living in one. You just want to learn about the language and its grammar in general.

That's OK too.


Well ... as a matter of fact I do converse with native speakers and before getting my CELTA my speaking band score was 8.

My point is that I have heard the same phrase somewhere and I don't know where.

I think using measure as an equivalent term to a word like amount is a classic academic term which is still correct.

Thanks again❤

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