sorry I dont know any truck terms. The words might sound perculiar for you.

Imagine driving a container-sized vehicle to work. How hassle that is? That's why it is better to own a car than owning a truck. Here's why
Cars are more practical. They are more streamlined which means they can travel faster. Also, they are smaller in size. Thus, easier when turning.
The downside of the cars is: limited storage. You can not fit many stuff in the back. It is not ideal for bulk storage. If you are a shopping-savyy, you will be frustrated by your car's miniature storage.
Trucks are great in terms of storage. You can link a container with wheels so you can take space-consuming stuff from place to place. The container can even hold all your furniture sets.
Though you can store massive stuff in the back of the truck but trucks are long due to the size of the connected containers. You will find turning a huge time consuming. Parking a truck can take more than two minutes depends on how long the containers linked to the maneuver. Also they are taller than any cars which means you are not allowed to park in the lots with height limits.
All in all, it depends on the preferences and practicalities. For me, I prefers cars. They can be parked anywhere and they are more easier to drive.

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