Prompt: What's your favorite song?

Can't Let go from Earth, Wind and Fire is a good song because the beat is groovy and impulsive in favour of the 70s disco.
The beats are fast paced which is a good example of 70s dance music. You will want to dance when you hear the beats.
It comes in vinyl format which makes the song sound better than ever. Vinyl records sound warm and has better quality than cassette and CDs.
They varied the instruments. The guitar sounds nice. The drum makes the song even better.
Can't let go was released by Earth Wind and Fire and was one of the famous band. The records are worth buying nowadays as the production has stopped. The studio started to release the digital version on Youtube. The vinyl version will be sold out soon so buy the rekord as soon as you can.

why are these writing practice books are not good for self-study? You dont know if your writing is good.

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