Please tell me the difference.
Thank you
A narrative letter would be a written account of something that has happened.
A cover letter would be a letter that introduces the presentation of something.
Anonymousi have to rite a bussises letter 4 school can u help me 4 writtin one about ips

Start by using proper English.

After your write your draft, you can post it here. Please start a new thread, however, and don't add to one that was started 5 years ago.l
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i have to rite a bussises letter 4 school can u help me 4 writtin one about ips
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I do not have the right answer for you, but here is what I think. A cover letter targets all the key skills and competencies that match the job description along with examples of your work as applied to the job opening needs. A narrative tells a more personal story and eliminates some of the boiler plate aspects of a cover letter. If you can tell a story about your education, training, and experience that illuminates your job skills and competencies related to the posting, you might have a better chance at landing an interview since most cover letters are relatively mundane and do not entertain. A narrative is like reading a story. Can you entertain in a way that illuminates your talent for the job? It is a really good question, one that I have been working on this morning. If you are not getting calls and interviews, then what do you have to loose by trying a different format. Recruiters and HR are swamped, if you can shine a light on their day, you might just get that interview. But I am thinking the critical aspect is to be able to engage the hiring manager emotionally and to understand not only what you think you can do for them but to demonstrate that you understand where they are coming from.