Is it natural to say 'often times' ?


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Yes: He often times his attacks very well.
Perhaps you mean oftentimes, which means often? The shorter word is used more frequently.
Thanks for your reply Cool Breeze. Yes, I mean 'oftentimes'. So is it correct to say that 'oftentimes' is more formal than 'often'?

Thank you again

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PeaceblinkfriendSo is it correct to say that 'oftentimes' is more formal than 'often'?

In my opinion it is but I think the native speakers are better experts. You'll have to wait for their views.
oftentimes is not a word I hear much. It doesn't sound that natural to me, no. It doesn't really sound formal to me, either. I don't use it. I say often.

It's an American thing. No-one says it here in the U.K.

<Unless they're a Yank!!>
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I have come across this word plenty in my senior essays, but I rather think it is stuffy and redundant. Why not use often instead? It is shorter and means the same thing. I don't know where my students are hearing or seeing this usage.

Jeana Rock
"oftentimes" is not a word. In terms of English grammar rules, it is impossible for "oftentimes" to be a real word. "Often" is an adverb. "Times" is a noun. Adverbs do not modify nouns. "Sometimes" works, however, because "some" is an adjective, while "times" is a noun. Adjectives modify nouns. Just because people use "oftentimes" does not make it correct. The correct terms to use in its place are "often" and "frequently."

My Concise Oxford Dictionary lists 'oftentimes' as a word meaning 'often'.

I say it, and hear it, occasionally. To my mind, it has a casual, folksy kind of ring to it.

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