"At the forefront of these lessons (is or are) you - the staff! "?
I have gotten conflicting advice on this one.
Please help...it is in a letter to teachers.
Thank you!
I think you might get the same range of opinions here too, Guest. There are those who say that "staff" refers to a single group, and therefore the verb would be "is"; then there is the argument that the group is comprised of individuals, and therefore the verb should be "are"!

As a BrE speaker, I would probably choose "is". [:^)]
Thank you for responding....I am finally able to access with my password.
Interesting options for this - Microsoft Word corrects it when I use "is". As long as there are options, I guess I am o.k. using either. I wanted to make sure since this is going to all staff members at our high school for "Staff Appreciation Week".

By the way....what is a "BrE speaker"?
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British English, as opposed to American English.
I'd also say "is"...
Hello Rhondalf

"BrE speaker" is "British English speaker".


[PS] Sorry Abbie, I put it too late.
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That's OK Paco - I often find myself doing that - mostly because I've been for a cuppa[C]