Can someone please explain 'IS' and 'HIS' usage?

i am getting confused when to use IS and HIS when framing sentence.

Hello Anon,

If you can post a couple of sentences in which you are confused about the usage of 'is' and 'his', it would be easy for us to guide you in a specific direction or area. Can't you?
Hi Anon,

The two words sound the same when pronounced, however they are two words with very different meaning and usage.

Below is an example -

He is a boy. "is" is a verb.

He is a boy. His name is Anon."his" is a pronoun. It stands in place of a noun.

Hope this simple example is helpful.


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"Is" is a verb, a form of "to be" and it has a lot of usage (the same with "am" and "are"). You use it when you say:
1. to be in a place, to be situated (eg: Your book is on the teacher's table)
2. to exist (eg: There is a post-office on this street)
3. to remain in a place (eg: He is here till my birthday)
4. to happen at a time or in a place (eg: The party is on Saturday evening)
5. to attend an event (eg: He is at Jane's party now)
6. used when you are naming something (eg: Tomorrow is Thursday)
7. used when you are describing a situation or saying what you think about something (eg: It is difficult to learn a foreign language)
8. to talk about the time (eg: It is 9 o'clock now)

Ehh... There are a lot usage of "is". I only know some of them. "His" is a deteminer or a pronoun.
(deteminer) You use "his" when you say something belongs a boy/man who has been already mentioned or is easily identified. (eg: He sold his bicycle)
(pronoun) "His" means of or belonging to a boy/man. (eg: I'm a friend of his. - "His" here means "his friends")

"Eg" stands for "example". Hope it helps. Emotion: wink
Here are some examples, all mean the same thing.

Jack is a boy. Jack's name is Jack.

He is a boy. His name is Jack

Now, a different meaning.

That is Jack's coat. Give Jack Jack's coat.

That is his coat. Give Jack his coat.

That is his coat. Give him his coat.

IS means a fact as in it is a fact.

HIS means ownership, you own a coat or a name, or any object.
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Thanks Krish


You're welcome, BB.