My 19-year-old daughter will be spending four months in London next fall. She's a vegetarian, and peanut butter is one of her staples. WIll she be able to find it in London? WIll it be ridiculously expensive?
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I'll bet she can. I buy it in Yokohama, and it's nice, organic, unsalted stuff-- 700 yen a jar.
I wasn't sure whether to take this seriously or not but, yes, peanut butter is a perfectly normal foodstuff here and a wide range is available in any supermarket.
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In the UK they pay a lot of attention to vegetarians. Many types of foods are labelled as "suitable for vegetarians", so she won't have any problem there!

Unlike here, they also make it always clear whether things that can cause allergy problems (like nuts or wheat) are used as ingredients.
I found it hilarious when I read something like "Allergy advice: contains milk" ... on a bottle of milk. (and I'm not joking!!!)
You'll also find 'warning: contains nuts' on packets of peanuts etc.
Suggest her going to Russia. The prices on peanut butter are very democratic here)))
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I''m surprised it's sold much in Russia -- I've worked with Russian immigrants here, and found they are generally horrified by peanut butter!
Well, it is not popular in Russia like in your country but some people are fond of it! For instance, me.))
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