I need a 8 for academic IELTS to go to my favorite university but unfortunatly my english level is rally basic one. I have to more years time untill I get finshed my highschool (Germany) and will do the academic IELTS, so I'm not shure, will it be inough time, I have to start from the beginning but 2 years time is a big period, I have allready the matereal and all the books I need together. Can I make it?
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which university requires IELTS score 8 to enter in?
you can make it, be confident.

Good Luck!
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Two years is a long time but start right now and you can make it, yes.
But plan and use the time.Work on developing your accuracy (for
example, your spelling) and take all the opportunities you get to
communicate in writing and speaking. Then just before the exam - not
now - start practising exam techniques. An 8 is tough but it is there
to be got.Emotion: smile
Hi, like Paul said, Yes you can make it. With the right material which you say you have then there is no reason in the time span for you to worry too much. I have had students that have had extrememly little or nothing of the English language and with desire, patience and practice they are now extremely good with all areas of the English language. Start from the beginning and work through everything, with constant practicing, you seem to have the right determination, and nothing helps this than having a goal to reach.

Good luck

Hi all

But how to learn english? start to learn grammar first? words? and how to learn words (write them in my notebook and just try to study them?) This method is good? i think I will forget words if i learn so ;]

If i read many books of english, my english skill will increase?

And if I look films in english..

What i have to do that my english would be nice in ~1,5 years?

Best regards,

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And please correct mistakes in my sentences. Thank you:)
Hi Kenny, I have replied to your email.

Your message:

But how do i learn english? Do i start to learn grammar first? and how do i learn new words (write the words in my notebook and try to study them?)

Is this a good method? I think i will forget the words if i do this

You need to begin learning the correct grammar start with the basics and work through it, with good resources and grammar help with exercises, as with all languages you need to practice and study it. This is a good method but you will need to use a dictionary for you to understand what the words mean.

If i read a lot of books in english, will my english skills increase [improve]

And if i watch english films...

Reading and watching materials are a very good source for learning english but as i said above you need to know what the words mean and how to use them etc. There are lots of grammar, reading, writing exercises available so you can use these to help you understand and start learning basic phrases.

For example start to write sentences about yourself and then read this aloud and practice, practice, practice. There are lots of audio files and resources that you can use to help you with your pronounciation etc. If you can pay for lessons this would be the best advantage for you, getting practice with a native speaker is the best way to really understand and learn english.

What do i have to do so that my english would be nice in 1-5 years?

If you do all the above there is absolutely no reason why you should not learn english within your time span. With determination and practice you will succeed.

Take care

Thank you very much, Kelly !

And I want to ask one more question. When I learn words I must to learn all meanings of that word or just main ? And when I read a book, what type of reading woud be the best? Take an English dictionary and look in it when you don't know the meaning of the word. And learn all meanings of that word? I think this would be good but it's a very long learning proccess... Emotion: sad Can you give me an advice? This is the best way to learn words? :>>

Please correct mistakes in my sentences:)

Best regards

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