Hello! Emotion: smile

Is it possible to delete this letter, please ? :


(Title of the thread: "Letter Of Motivation (Master's Degree Application)?")

It didn't receive answers, but that's ok because I found somebody to correct it yesterday Emotion: smile
I'm also worried that it might be copied by other people and whatnot, so I'd rather have that text erased.

(I've also learned that some universities check for plagiarism on letters of motivation, so just in case mine does too, I'd rather be careful and avoid that kind of problem)

Thank you very much in advance, and sorry for the trouble!



You should receive a notice of deletion in your email.


By the way, if Google has indexed your post in their cache it may continue to show up in Google search results for a while, though the link in search results will lead to a "Post not found" message here. It will disappear from Google search results eventually, but that's entirely in Google's hands, and we have no control over it.