I started watching videos on youtube in English (no subtitles) and started using my phone, pc in english since I was 13. I watched videos over and over again even I don't understand it. I could barely speak at that time, then I can speak one or two sentences at the age of 15. Now I can speak fluently, but sometimes I make grammar and pronunciation mistakes (my tongue started to twist when I pronounce 2-3 words with "s" or "r" sound but that's a rare case). I understand most spoken english. I read everything in english even school study topics. I spent time on weekends mostly watching british TV series, read interested topics on the internet in english. I never go outside and meet new people as they can't speak english. My writing skills isn't up to scratch because I don't spend much time on writing. Is it possible to get native english accent or native english level?

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Well, wanna and gonna won't cut it. Those spellings are the way we say "want to" and "going to" but it is not correct English.

There are some good English grammar videos on Youtube that you can follow, and you mentioned Khan academy, which is also good.

The British Council has free resources and courses. https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/grammar

You can post your writing here for our suggestions. Be patient. It takes time to master a language!

I wanna get into an university that uses English as an official language (since I don't like my native language that much) and I have a change of heart after reading this, so how I'm gonna start? (or how am I gonna start?) Grammar is literally hard for me. Any good approach on this?

Did I made any mistakes?

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mosjaDid I made make any mistakes?

In addition to the mistakes in what you quoted, you made a mistake in your question.

After auxiliary do (do, does, did), you must use the plain infinitive.


Ok, Did I make any mistakes?