Would the following sentence be grammatically correct?

Having returned stronger than ever, defeating the scarecrow, tin-man, and oompaloompa will likely prove to be a difficult task.


It has a dangling modifier. Defeating did not return stronger than ever.

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Is it ever possible for a participial phrase to modify a gerund subject?

Generally considered to be a dangerous sport, parachuting is not offered in very many places.

Would this be an example of a dangling modifier as well?

Considering it's tremendous difficulty, parachuting in the middle of the night will always end in failure.

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What about the following sentence?

Considering its tremendous difficulty, parachuting off of a cliff in the middle of the night will almost always end in certain death.

Does this sport consider anything? Can a sport think?

Also “certain death” is 100% not “almost always”. The sentence is self-contradictory.

Thank you for pointing out the self contradiction between almost always and certain death.

As to whether a sport (parachuting) can consider or think, no it can't, but in this case, wouldn't the sport (parachuting) be understood as being tremendously difficult?

Considering its tremendous difficulty, parachuting off of a cliff...

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The modifier refers to a person. That person is not the subject of the sentence. This fixes the problem.

Considering its tremendous difficulty, I would not recommend parachuting off of a cliff.