I'm not really used to think that, but I'm wondering if there's a problem between English and French people. I met a guy few years ago from England, and he said last week that finally, we are totally unable to have a strong relationship cos we are too different. The thing is we had some problem regarding politics and that the moment he said that we are different.

If there are English people here, I'm sur that they will understand that even if sometimes our countries disagree, I really believe in the Entente Cordiale, many of my friend are English and we have good fun, even if I'm not english.

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I hope there were not this kind of problems
I don't think there are any genuine problems. We have been neighbours for years and like all neighbours, don't always see eye to eye. We have been staunch allies, and bitter enemies, at different times through the centuries and we now have the sort of relationship where we are aware of our differences, and engage in a lot of 'friendly' leg-pulling, insults and squabbles, but there is no real malice in it now.

Our politics are quite different at the moment, and there are always the old rivalries, but I do not believe we really have a problem.
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If you go to England you will realize that there are so many French people around it is extraordinary. I see no big problem just rivalry and two races with a desire to make fun of eachother. Very different people yet many British peolple have now settled in France. They love it.