A.We wanted to travel on the flight which was fully booked.

B. It rained when Ann was waiting for me.

Are the sentences above right in the position and use of pronouns? Thanks for helping again! T_T
When ' the ' is used, given ' which ' or ' that ' we choose ' that ' normallyEmotion: smile. The first sentence looks OK but sounds a little illogical Emotion: stick out tongue. While the flight was fully booked you still wanted to travel on it Emotion: stick out tongue

B seems to be alrightEmotion: smile.
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Thanks for replying, whl626!

If one is required to rewrite the sentence using the given pronoun, are the sentences below correct?

Q1. The flight was fully booked. We wanted to travel on it. ( Join it by using "which")

A1. ( The model answer is) The flight which we wanted to travel on was fully booked. Alternately, We wanted to travel on the flight which was fully booked. ( Is this correct or is there another way of rewriting it correctly? )

Q2. Ann waited for me. It rained. (.............when.........)

A2. (The model answer is) Ann was waiting for me when it rained.
Alternately, can we rewrite it as: It rained when Ann was waiting for me. ( Is there any other alternatives?)

PLEASE ADVISE AGAIN, teachers! Thanks for taking the time in replying my questions! T_T
There is one more Emotion: stick out tongue. The flight ( on ) which we wanted to travel was fully booked.

Regarding the second question, since two events took place at the same time in the past. Which is placed in front is the same as long as one is the past tense the other is past continous Emotion: stick out tongue

I think nothing wrong with it, though.

Hopefully, some other native speakers can shed more light on your questionsEmotion: smile. I can only say from the grammatical perspective anyway huh Emotion: stick out tongue

( I am just an English lover )
Thanks for helping again, whl626! ^o^ I've been to your website. It's wonderful! BTW, are you a Music and an English teacher? Thanks for sharing the great site with us! ^o^
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I used to be both Emotion: stick out tongue but I'd rather be a learnerEmotion: smile. I learned English the wrong way before and with some help from the native speakers online. I am back on the right trackEmotion: smile