It is a marvelous collection of poems, translated with a quite palpable sense of appreciation for their cultural contexts, of where the songs came from, how they utilized the nuances of Korean language while manipulating the array of Chinese literary and historical references that have comprised such significant markings in Korean cultural history.


In the underlined part, the one who manipulated is definitely the author of the collection book. Then, using this kind of sentence structure is allowable?

The same structure would be: It is a good book with a good understaning of the situation while manipulating a good deal of references.

The subject of the "manipulating" seems to be wrongly introduced into the sentence. To me, it has to be like, "with manipulation of ~~~“.

I'd like to know the opinions of Forum Gurus....
Your original text is poorly written, and frankly I cannot understand what it is talking about. It needs complete revision.
Thanks a lot, Mister Mikcawber.....