I tried to ask questions on the meaning of expressions from literature works, movies, proverbs, names, etc. in

- UsingEnglish.com
- English.StackExchange.com (list of closed and deleted questions)
but had been banned forever in the first and suspended in the second.

Please see examples of my questions in English.StackExchange.com and my questions in UsingEnglish.com

Can I ask these questions here?
For example,
What's the hidden sense of a farther instructing his son to choose whom to kill for a pleasure?
(from "To Kill a Mockingbird" - 1 of the 20 best novels)

and many others were deleted and my access/account was suspended.

Or, if not, can you advise me proper forums for this kind of question about Rnglish usage, meaning, definitions, etc.?
Offhand, I see nothing improper about your questions, but I am unaware of any rules or guidelines that that forum website may follow. You may ask your questions here in the appropriate forums (Grammar, Vocabulary, etc).