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Thank you. I think you are right about tolerance and having children. There are exceptions. But you may or may not become an exception from the norm. Evangelicals who are serious about their faith know that the scriptures discourage marrying someone who is not a believer. But if you should decide to have kids, as a mom, though the father is to be the spiritual leader of your home in Christian homes, you, as the mother will still have great influence on the spiritual development of the children. Your worldview will imprint, in some part on them. It is important for you and your husband to agree on issues of faith for the childrens' sake. So that they can determine early in life to put their trust in Jesus. Speaking as an evangelical Christian, my sense is that the most important thing you can do for children is to ground them well in the gospel of Jesus Christ. You might determine what your boyfriend thinks about raising children in a faith-based home. The raising of children is the most important responsibility for parents. Yet our culture has taught self gratification (by adults) trumps all, i.e., the no-fault divorce laws of the late 60s and 70s.

may be i'm not too religious, nor thinking that other religions were bad or something like that. cause to me basicly all religions are having a same point and believe in same thing (hmmmm.....something like that.)
but in married, i think we should have same religion with our match. cause married not just join two hearts, it's about everything including our family too.
and religion is one of a basic point in thinking of our mind and heart in life.
it's defferent than custom, characteristic, etnic, and .........etc.
like onesimus said :
"The raising of children is the most important responsibility for parents." soo having defferent religion may cost our child confuse in their believe in life (my friend do)
but don't take it too far away in believing in it and cost war (david) or it's not selfish (D'orion).
just the way it is, i think
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Hi me again!

Perhaps the point is that if you are very religious then it is very important that you share similar beliefs. Whereas if you are not particularly religious, or have no faith, then it is less important to you.

So where does that leave me (atheist) and boyfriend (evangelical)? I don't know, it works for now. It probably does help that we will definately not be having children together, although my best friend is the child of a Catholic/athiest couple who have been happily married for nearly 30years, so children are not always a problem.

We manage to bicker quite happily over the whole subject, without really arguing. I know some of my views offend him, and I do have to apologise now and then for hurting his feelings, but we basically can accept each others viewpoint as different but valid.
well in that point, may be you both will get along together as long you both can accept and understand each other like that. don't be selfish to each other in the way your thinking. cause really religion nor believing in something is in your characteristic-mind thinking as well.

so if you both accept it, it's fine.
hope it's last for ever.

and about having children, if you can manage as far as now in your married relation.
i think you can manage in raising chidren as well. (if you still doing the same thing in raising children as well in your married)

well....... in that case
the main point in relation always get back to love-accept-understanding-believe-respect to each other.
Children will do better when their parents are in agreement on matters of 'religion.' Children should be thought of first. Agape love.
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quotes: "it all just seems like superstition to me." I would just like to say "so what?" Even if it is all superstition, though I'm a firm believer otherwise, what have we Christians got to lose? Nothing. We live happy, productive lives living for Christ and when we die, well then we die like the rest of the non-believers. However, what have we got to gain? EVERYTHING! We die and spend eternal life with Christ in bliss and love and comfort. So what's the harm? What's the point in not believing? Maybe because it's easier? Who knows...
Erm, quite the contrary Guest, it's easier to believe that there is an afterlife and a God to spend eternity with in bliss and love and comfort....it's much more comforting to believe that. Just like in the poem "Fishes' Heaven" (in the poetry section). The fish are representing humans, and the poet uses the simple goldfish to point out that in our huge universe we could be just as insignificant as the fish.
It shouldn't be important because love is the main thing in marriage.

But ....

Life does learn us that when you have to deal with two different kind of religious's there will be trouble. That also could be the case when one does belief and the otherone doesn't. So you have to speak it out. Make agreements on that subject.
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In brief, as a short anwer for your question it is very important for the continuousness of the marriage.

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