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Hi Tracy, I don't think that it is important because if you are religious you should respect other religions and at the end of the day it is being a good person and loving God that is important. We all come from the same place after all, no matter what religion you "belong to", you are worshipping the same God, true or not?
religion is important in a person but whatever religion you have we should respect it after all, we believe in one god. in selecting wife or husband, religion is not a hindrance to the relationship, in spite of the differences of what they belives love will unite the two. i believe that love is for everybody no matter what he/ she is, god has a way to make them together.
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selecting a husband
It seems then that most of us would agree that religion is important when selecting a wife or husband if religion is important to you?
If religion is not important to you in your life then it probably won't be in your marriage either.
In my aspect in a marriage,more than the religions of couples,it's much important whether respect is shown to their religions or not.
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Hi, Onesimus, and every one here,

I am so glad to meet you here, and I am also a Christian who accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord six years ago, and I've experienced Him so ture and am experiencing Him every single day even if sometimes He does not appear so clearly, He is always guiding me and pouring His abundant love and blessings on me. I can't bear not to praise Him. He is the joy and satisfaction to us Christians and should be to all. Nowadays, I am waiting, praying, and expecting Him to provide me a husband as He usually does providing me Shepherds,a family group,school works, jobs, houses, etc. He certainly does, to show His glory in my life by using me as a maid of the gospel, and to use my future family as well (and will lead to save and use my family members of now).

Marriage is not a game chosen by men, but a holy union between two people chosen by God. As he was the one who made Adam and Eve and unite them into a family and in Matthew 19:6, He said:"So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."

It's really important about the belief ("religion") in marriage, and in personal life as well. Since two people can only be happy together when their life's aim is the same, their world view remains semiliar, and their interests are alike. This comes form the belief-which forms who a man or a family really is. When God created us humanbeings, we have a mission, so has a family. While what's most important to a man personally is to find his life's meaning, his exsitence value and to be saved from the coming great punishment (you may consider the death itself ). Only by Jesus Christ (God's free gift)can a man get eternal life with joy.

God bless you all, and your families.
Is religion important when selecting a wife or husband?

However love is very important.
Find true love and all other considerations become secondary.

Well, if you are marrying "truely for yourself" then I guess religion should be the last point one should consider while selecting a wife or husband .But if you are marrying "for the satisfaction of society " then you must consider religion.But remember , anything that you do which doesn't truely make your soul happy , is a waste .You must always keep in mind that this life is your's , not anyone else's .
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