Is religion important when selecting wife or husband?
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Hi Tracy!!
This is nearly my first post, so nice to meet you here and everyone!
Sometimes I think about this question, whether religion is important with regard to family life. I want to get married but I’m so worried about whether it’s going to last and I do want my marriage to last. For me, religion is an important issue. It’s not because I’m very religious, it’s more because I know how difficult it can be when two people don’t agree and neither person wants to compromise. The root of the problem lies in the things that people believe without ever being able to think about them logically. I guess that faith is the word I want to find.

Faith is complete trust or confidence in something. The funny thing is that people don’t really have to be very religious to have very strong faith in their own position. I’m sure, even though it sounds absurd, that an atheist can have clearly defined faith in certain principles; the need for observable proof for example. Anyway, I don’t want to drift off-topic.

Regarding marriage, it’s very important to be on the same page with your husband (popular idiom for having a similar point of view). For instance, I am going to make absolutely sure that my husband and I can discuss everything with some level of detachment and common sense.
Nice to meet you here, too.
Though i am not very religious, i still want to fine my Mr.right who can "discuss everything with some level of detachment and common sense" as you mentioned.
Wish you a good life.
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Thank you darlin', you too. And, may I add something else? There's an old saying in English that 'travel broadens the mind'. I just added that because I think it's important. I'm here in Australia but I didn't grow up here.
I agree with you!
I like travelling. It can enlarge our veiws.
I am Chinese, and studying at a university which is not too far from my home.
Living in another city makes me meet different kinds people come from every part of my country. From them , i get to know about many different customs, ways of thinking and so on.
Now i am planning to have a trip in this summer vocation. But, i must finish my heavy study and examx first.
What about you?
I don't think religion is important at all. This may be because I am not very religious. But my personal beliefs are for anyone to believe in what they want to believe in. I do not claim for anyone to be wrong, nor do I claim for them to be right, it is just their personal feelings.
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About religion? Maybe this is how most people feel too. My own feelings are a little different.

Hi Tracy, sorry about missing this post from you. I turned something off on my profile and I missed the special alert. I do hope you understand that I’m not being rude to you. I hope you accept my apology.

I’m Chinese, born & raised in the US. I attended school & college close to home. I finished last year and got a job. I asked if I could take time-off to travel because I felt burnt-out by heavy workload (study then work) but the boss just laughed – “no way young lady!” But it worked out in the end. I got a secondment to Sydney, Australia. I live with my aunt in Sydney close to the business district.
We can chat some more maybe?
" Is religion important when selecting wife or husband?"
Yes, and No!!

Yes if the two religions is quite different, because marriage mean stability and I'll not get married to comfortless my self and my shill-husband.

And no if the two aren't religious and don’t care with this side, and they can deal with nearly view of life.

The most important thing in marriage – I think – is peace, to understand each other, to help each other to win and pass this life safely..

Welcome with Chinese, nice to meat u here : )

"I like travelling. It can enlarge our views" Tracy said, I am agree with u completely, but I have seen one country's custom except mine.

but it helps u a lot to enlarge ur mind, opinion and to have open-mind to accept others.
I m a bachelor so i may not be able to jusify.
Anyhow i personally feel that the quality of the person is more important than his religious background. My favourite flower is lotus though it takes its birth in muddy waters.
God created man. Man erected barriers between man and man in the form of religion.
R u convinced?
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