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Visit http://www.sikhs.org for information about Sikhism.
Most of their gurdwaras are in Punjab (India and Pakistan).

Basically I am Muslim, but I do know about Sikhism and some other religions. Once our university offered a post graduate degree in "Comparative study of world religions" and I attended some of the courses Emotion: geeked
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After attending those courses, have you reached some conclusions? If you feel like to share here with the rest of participants.
And, if I can continue asking, are sunni muslim? or Quran alone follower?
I'd be very interested in listening to about these subjects here in the forum.
There is a problem with these kinda courses, you no more belong to just one sect! You can say I am a bit middle of the road, mixture of sunnism and shiaism, althought belonging to just Islam.

In the Indian sub-continent the sunnism has intermingled with some of the old traditions of hinduism. Many sholars are trying to make those traditions part of the religion which is not correct (known as 'biddet' in Islam, adding something new in the religion).

I believe in christianity, jewism and even buddhism in their purified form. They all were believer in ONE GOD. But over the time, their scholars had changed the actual face of their respective religion, in their efforts to make it suitable for the new age. This is what I dont believe in.

btw what about you? Elena!
About me refering to beliefs, I don't follow any religion, I read about them. What attracts me the most is to know how followers believe, how important their belief is for them, the impact on their lives.
I like to observe the differences, the rules, the basic, the rituals, the effort many humans put in their relation with their creator, their origin, their soul.

Quoting Hitchhiker: we are a soul, we have a body. Soul threadEmotion: smile
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Interesting thoughts, Elena.
Note to clarify: it seems the French govt. said nothing about sihks turbans, just about
Islamic headscarves, Jewish skullcaps and large Christian crosses.
ICNA has started an international campaign to oppose French Government's plan to ban headscarf in schools and to prevent any legislation being enacted against minorities in France.

For details, check this link...

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I just saw this topic, and want to share something..

I'm a Muslim girl from Turkey, and I'm wearing headscarf. ("what age do the girls start wearing the hijab?" It starts from puberty...)

The headscarf ban is a very deep topic. It will be very long and difficult for me explain it entirely. (My English vocabulary is not enough for this.) But I can add some parts of my dairy here for telling you about my emotions...

Just as I wasn't seen off from the school, which for years I went in and out of, neither was I able to say goodbye to my friends. I didn't want to see anyone's pitiful eyes. I had to hold my head high and my heart at peace; I need to be strong towards those who were separated from me.
... They first told me to take off my headscarf because it was against the dress code. If I took off my headscarf, then all the problems at the school would be solved. They told me that my headscarf was an obstacle to hapiness...Yes, they were imagining a rosy school without me. I was disturbing the peace with my headscarf. Things were not going right as long as I walked around with my headscarf. As long as the greatest right given to women by my religion, in other words my headscarf was accused as being a political symbol, my heart felt indescribable pain. What did I do during my the eight years of my educational life that after enquiries and defences, I was struck off as a student.... I just seek my right and want to exercise education and faith rights together...


I've lived up to my promise to Allah. And I believe this, if one door closes to you because of your beliefs, a better door is opened. Now, I'm a student of an American university which is one of the top ten in U.S.A

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