I'd like to know the opinions of members about this matter

1.What is first? the separation between church and state or the free choice of displaying religious signs?
2.Is France acting oppresively?
3.Will this help to bring up children without religious divisions and favouring better understanding or the effect will be the reverse?
4.Do you find the differences among cultures and beliefs a beautiful worthy thing?
5.Will this decision help women that wear hijab forcibly?
6.If they were wearing freely, is this decision a dictatorial action?
7.Which more aspects do you find in this issue?
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It sounds like something appeared in the news. I don't know anything about this case Elena. Can you tell me more about it.
Before answering to your question, let me first explain 'Hijab'. Most of the people from other religions, other than Islam, think that its only for females. Infact its not like that. Hijab is for both the classes of human beings, but have different elucidation for males and females. Scarf is a part of Hijab for females, as they are supposed to hide their body parts and hairs, not including face and hands, from non-mehrams (other than the family members). The most interesting part of this would be this particular statement by Islam "La Jaber Fe'ddeen" which means "there are no compulsion in the religion". This clearly means that hijab should not be forced on anybody. It is always ones own act.

And now to your questions Elina! Freedom of religion should not be suppressed by any means. Neither Bible nor Quran is against the freedom of religion. The world has really become a global village. In the future you wouldn't witness any war basing on the religion but the resources. Now its time when we all should start thinking above all these matters. If some women is wearing just bikini, so what? And if I want to hang around in my boxer short, its my right. I must be allowed to do so and nobody should involve any kind of religious factors in it (although I wouldn't do so here in Vienna, today it was -2'C ).

It is France or Taliban, whenever someone is doing it forcefully its not good. Thats it.
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Wow! Nice explanation kLatifz! But tell me at what age do the girls start wearing the hijab?
Hi Woodward, KLatifZ, deepa

Woodward, the governement of France decided to not allow religious signs into classrooms of public schools whatever the religion is. This affect to hijab worn by muslim girls, skullcaps by jew boys students, crosses into the classroom or worn by catholic students, turbans by sikh students and other signs.

I insist, this is only inside the classroom of schools of the state.
There is a lot of controversy, specially about the effect on muslims.

If I'd have to pronnounce, I'd say that this meassure it is not ok and that everybody, even inside schools of the state, has the right to wear what he/she likes.

Just I find this good if it can help girls that are wearing hijab forcibly or thinking and convinced that it is a command from God, when even their holy book, Quran, doesn't say anything about covering hair or faces but yes about wearing modestly and covering bossoms.

KLatifZ, yes, there is no compulsion in religion.

Deepa, the age varies among different muslim cultures, puberty uses to be the moment to start, but I saw girls totally covered except eyes about 3 years old and 5 years old.
I should think that some of the western outfits some students in this country wear are a lot more inadequate.
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What is the basic idea behind banning religious signs in the classrooms?
Whatever is the age, the Khalsa can't live without followings:

1. Turban (covering for uncut hair, only for men)
2. Kirpan (sword)
3. Kara (metal bracelet)
4. Kitab (the holy book)
5. Kangi (comb)

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Ah? Are you Sikh? I visited a gudwara (spelling?) in England, it was fruitful visit. Can you tell us about Sikhism?
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