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8 years! Yes, I think that is a long time too. Maybe he is just afraid to show his feelings (like you) because he is afraid of being rejected. In this case, maybe you should tell him your feelings. Well, maybe not tell him outright that you LOVE him. How about telling him that you LIKE him a lot?
Well, u didnt really understand me... I LOVED one person for 8 years, but not anymore... actually i loved only 2 person in my life. This one for 8 years and this one that i like now... i just wanted to say with 8 years that i know that i will like this person for a long time.. i just feel it
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i hope this new one would work for you. good luck Emotion: smile
Haha Thanks a lot!!!
Good day!

That interresting, it is good to show the feelings, the =n the person she know that you love. I tell alwau=ys my feelings to Aurelia and i can oslo to undrestand her when she show she love me.
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I am glad for your relationship with your girlfriend!!!!
U know, i like your opinion about showing the feeling...
Marlen 1In our time it is mostly untypical to show how you feel deep inside. Just to be friendly the whole time? Is it right?? And what about the special thing--the love... Is it good to show this feeling... to say to one person that u love him/her... even if he/she doesnt know you well... What is your opinion?
Why can you love someone when you donot know much about him/her? You wanna talk about love at the 1st sight? Love in my country is much different from others. Love, with us, sometimes is only a look, a smile... suddenly met somewhere and... never forget. Sometimes, you donot need to say anything. If he/she love you or care about you, he/she will feel your love. But sometimes, you should speak out. It depends on the situation. No advice is always right! Emotion: wink Hope you have a nice and romantic love! Emotion: wink

Aah yes, and aurelia she always show me her feelings! When i do something that she don't like, she bite me or she go in the trees during the night, and i am all alone in my bed ... Emotion: sad
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I think everyone should show their feelings. For example you love someone who is your best friend. but you cant say your feelings to him/her because you are afraid of losing her/him friendship. but what if he/she loves you with very strong feelings like you.? if two side love eachother there is a very good relationship between them. they may get marrid one day Emotion: smile
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