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Excuse me , where does Aurelia goes when she dont like you?
AAh, good day, Madam marlene, she go in the tree! She is good to climb, she is made for climb. When she is cute she climb to my neck and she stay there, when she is bad she climb to the treee Emotion: sad
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Hi Everybody,

I'm kinda late but allow me to jump on the bandwagon and say, I think showing feelings depends on the situations.

If you are angry for example with someone close to you, well, the best thing would be to let her/him know how you feel. If you are in love with someone that apparently doesn't love you back,well you run the risk to be turned down.But if the person does dfeel the same towards you, then no need to hurt yourself any longer.

In some cases, the display of your feelings may provide the arm that will kill you. Suppose somebody is driving you crazy, or does so on purpose, just to annoy you, showing how you feel will do him good, and he'll know where your weaknesses are.
.. but what if the person has no idea about your feelings...
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Marlen 1.. but what if the person has no idea about your feelings...
he/she shouldnt say their feelings in this situation.
I say always to Aurelia that she must to show me her feelings, and she do it!!! It is very cute Emotion: smile
Lucky you 3P. Do you show her yours?
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Ooh yes, mister adonis, but is not difficult to hide them, you see that what i want say... If it is that you a man, mister adonis? Ah, but then i am perhaps sure i am a man oslo?
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