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No Adomi, there are kids reading this forum too. So I will kindly abstain from corrupting the young minds.


P.S: I'm a candybar with few drops of sulphuric acid,beware!

Here are two sayings, famous in my surrounding, that go:

1- "Once you are born, you are old enough to die"

2- "Nothing's new under the sun".

However, I respect your concern about the "young" minds and I'll let go.

P.S. I guess the sulphuric acid adds to the taste of your being a candy bar. Hence one additional reason to like you even more.
i don´t know whether it right is to show feelings or no, but i never showed my feelings. And i will never show it.

I think it can be right to show feelengs to this person, who u really really like and love.
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How would it be a world full of T'Pol?..a bit scaring I suppose.. Emotion: indifferent
LabliLove is the one of the best thing we could ever experience, even if its not a happy ending, or you failed, later you'll realize that no matter how painful it may be, you will fall in love over again.

From my own point of view, You should set thy feelings free,what ever the outcome of being honest it doesnt matter anymore, at least you've given it a try. LOve is always worth fighting for...[L]

I'm not sure if what i wrote make sense. i hope it does...Emotion: embarrassed

It did make sense. Trust me Emotion: smile
marlen 1 In our time it is mostly untypical to show how you feel deep inside. Just to be friendly the whole time? Is it right?? And what about the special thing--the love... Is it good to show this feeling... to say to one person that u love him/her... even if he/she doesnt know you well... What is your opinion?

You should be honest to yourself about what you feel.

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