In our time it is mostly untypical to show how you feel deep inside. Just to be friendly the whole time? Is it right?? And what about the special thing--the love... Is it good to show this feeling... to say to one person that u love him/her... even if he/she doesnt know you well... What is your opinion?
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Love is the one of the best thing we could ever experience, even if its not a happy ending, or you failed, later you'll realize that no matter how painful it may be, you will fall in love over again.

From my own point of view, You should set thy feelings free,what ever the outcome of being honest it doesnt matter anymore, at least you've given it a try. LOve is always worth fighting for...[L]

I'm not sure if what i wrote make sense. i hope it does...Emotion: embarrassed
YOu said it is soo great... i think it makes much sence what u said
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I would assume that you are talking about "romantic" love. When you said...

even if he/she doesnt know you well...

do you also mean that YOU don't know the person well? For me, the word "love" should not be taken lightly. When you have known a person for only a short while, they tend to just show their positive side (I'm not saying that it is like this for everybody). So I think it is wise to hold off with baring your soul until you get to know the person really well and that you are sure that you really love him (including his not-so-positive side).
Well, and what if he is.. this so-positive side person.. by saying that " u dont know him well, i meant that u never really talked to him BUT u know his charackter any maany things about him... itis quite hard, right?

U know him and he u not..
If you really think that you know him already, then yes, I guess you can tell him what you really feel Emotion: smile But I still don't think you can really know a person until you have talked with him and spent time with him.
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Mayve, i totaly agree with you...maybe it is better at first to say "hello" and be JUSt mates... who knows...
as i feel good to say and my experiences in life

i suggest u don't ever show evrything u have ,always hide those things which could be hide if someone is realy involve in u and ur feelings r true for the perosn thay automaticaly transfer to the person .don't say a word if you are true man is his own presenter in the world and in love you batter keep scilence your heart ur existence and ur feelings will automaticaly tuch the heart of the person and do belive on it it will take time but for long it ll be with u .

coz when u say something by struggeling or by taking lots of advices from oters or from ur own or even when u say a word to anyone u expect the answer as u like(as u imagin) and when u failed to get the same u feel hurt .thats all what i want u to understand

Thanks for sahring
Hi, Neelam!
Maybe you are right... but i give you one example for the opposite sight.. i loved one person for 8 years (quite long i think) and never showed my feelings... he never have been with me ... no feelings, just nothing but from the other side u really except the answer u want to have...
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