lets brains storm

What do you think about secularism in modern societies. Is secularism essential for your societies? Which one would you prefer if you ever had a chance to decide?

As for my country and European countries, as far as I know about Europe, for France and Turkey we can mention about precise secularism. I dont know overall and what is the fact exactly but from media what i can see is after elections most of european countries should swear to God in front of Bible. Let me know what does things go in your country and your opinions over secularism?
I think a secular government is essential (although I recognise that many countries operate in other ways, I would not want to live in one).
As I know "secularism" means "the state won't interrupt the religion and the religion won't interrupt the state"

But in our country(Turkey) the state always interrupt the religion, but the religion can't do anything.

In short,the secularism type in Turkey isn't a real secularism.