My dad handed me down the same gun.

I think it is the same thing as "My dad handed down the same gun to me" and the original sentence sounds natural.

Is my thinking correct?




Note there are two possible meanings of hand down, as follows.

(A) hand down can mean 'pass ownership from a member of one generation to a member of another generation, eg from father to son.

(B) hand down can also mean to physically hand something to a person at a lower physical level, eg my father stood on a chair and passed something down to me from a high shelf.


"My dad handed me down the same gun" natural and grammatically correct? Yes. This sounds like meaning B.Quote

My dad handed me down the same gun. This also sounds like meaning B.

I think it is the same thing as "My dad handed down the same gun to me" This could be meaning A or meaning B. The context will make it clear.


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Interesting. I've just received from a native speaker that the sentence is not correct.

It is the reason they gave.

Nope. That sentence is hard to parse.

"hand me down" is a colloquial phrase meaning "to receive something used by someone else". Used most often regarding clothing that is passed down from older children to younger children when the older child outgrows the clothing.

So by using the phrase "handed me down", you are imparting meaning you do not intend.

If you're talking about a family heirloom, like "This was my great-great-grandfather's gun", then you might say "My dad gave me the gun his father had given to him." Or "My grandfather gave his gun to my dad. My dad passed it down to me." Something like that.

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