Do you have an international nationality?

No, Im holding a German citizenship.


No, Im holding a Germanish nationality?

Why cant we use "Germanian, Germanish, Germanese"?

What does international nationality mean? Foreign nationality? Nationality outside Germany?

Feel free too correct my grammer and coherency.


What is 'an international nationality'? It's a strange and even rather funny expression.

Here are some things we say.

eg I'm German.

eg I'm a German citizen.

eg I have German citizenship.

Why can't we use "Germanian, Germanish, Germanese"? Because there are no standard rules for these names. They are usually just idiomatic.


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So the right answer is:

No, I have German citizenship / I'm German / I'm a German citizen.

First, what's the question?

Do you have an international nationality?

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We don't use the phrase an international nationality.

We just sat

eg What is your nationality?

eg What nationality are you?

eg What is your citizenship?


mosjaWhy can't we use "Germanian, Germanish, Germanese"?

Why can't we use "plessorious", "fantomascible", "clamtopopsia"?

The answer is the same for both questions.