Only 5% of our students are placed after completion of their training!

Because 95% are placed before

completion of the training.
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It's okay, but starting the second sentence with a "Because" makes it informal.
how about 'as' instead of 'because'
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How about:
since instead of because
"Because" is an accepted, albeit informal, way to start a sentence. Using either "as" or "since" will NOT work as the start of a new sentence.
Thank you, GG.
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 How about:

"The other 95% are placed before completion of the training."

AnonymousHow about:

"The other 95% are placed before completion of the training."
Fine, because you now have a main clause. There is nothing wrong with beginning a sentence with because, since or as as long as you have a main clause as well. Otherwise, strictly speaking, you don't have a sentence since because, since and as are subordinate conjunctions, beginning subordinate clauses. A subordinate clause cannot constitute a sentence.
An example of a sentence beginning with these conjuntions:
Because/since/as I didn't know his number, I couldn't call him. = I couldn't call him because/since/as I didn't know his number.

In informal style grammatical considerations are often cast aside in all languages, and using because without a main clause is very common:
"Why didn't you call him?"
"Because I didn't know his number."
Since and as would be just as "grammatical" as because in the above sentence but they just aren't used.
Thank you for the explanation, CB.
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