'All stories tend to get complicated.'

My question really should be, is there no 's' in the word 'tend', because it's talking about 'stories'?
or should there be 's' behind it because it's referring to 'all' (since 'all' is not countable)?

'All stories tends to get complicated.'

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The correct sentences are:

1. All stories tend to get complicated.

2. Every/Each story tends to get complicated.
All stories tend to get complicated.,
Here we have to see the simple subject .
As the word stories is plural , it should take a plural verb.
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I am continuing to support john in his role or on his role
You have a couple of choices:

I am continuing to support John in his role -- you are supporting John

I am continuing to support John regarding his role-- you are supporting Jphn's role.
explores alfred hitchcock as an entertainer
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The instructions to the new board game seem extremely complicating .

The instructions to the new board game seem extremely complicated complicating .

. . . instructions for. . . is more common than . . . instructions to . . .

The word "all" used in this situation is a determiner. If "all" is used with a countable noun, this noun must be in the plural form.

In your sentence, the subject is "all stories". Like other determiner such as "the", "this", "that", "all", "every", "some", "one", "two"... the word "all" is just a determiner wich determine how the noun is tobe intepreted. Moreover, "all" is not a noun, so you can't say that "all" is countable or uncountable. The subject in your sentence is "stories" indeed. Therefore, the verb "tend" must be in the basic form "tend".

"all" is also used with uncountable nouns.

example :
All wood tends to shrink.

In above sentence, the subject is wood indeed. Because the noun "wood" is uncountable, the verb "tend" should be "tends".
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