Are UK speakers still using the auxiliary verb "shall"?

"Shall I bring you a cup of tea?"

I was learned to say this phrase in the approximately meaning of "Should I bring..."
But if the verb "shall" is not being used anymore, may be I can say: "Will I bring you a cup of tea?" Although it seems strange a little in that meaning, doesn't it?

In short I wonder if I can say "shall", "should" or "will" in the sentence above and what the difference is.
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Uhm, as I know, "Shall I..." is used when you ask to help someone. I've never met anyone use "Will I..." in this situation. The same with "should". Anyway, that's what I know. Hope anyone here can explain it more clearly! Emotion: wink

Thanks Tammy. I thought exactly the same you said. I wanted to make certain of it. :-)

But I still wonder if "shall" is being used now in Future Indefinite Tense with pronouns "I" and "we".

For example:
1. We shall do it.
2. I shall tell you.

Everybody says now: "We will do it" and "I will tell you", doesn't it? (don't they?) (I am not sure of the ending)
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Uhm, you can use "will" instead of "shall" with I, we in Simple future tense. Modern English accepts it. But in formal situations or when talking with old people, using "I/We shall..." seem more ok! Emotion: wink

Have a warm Christmas night with your family and your friends!

I understand. Thank you for the explanation!


P.S. But actually we celebrate the Nativity on 7th January in Russia. And before it we celebrate New Year, our main feast. :-)
Wow... I've never heard about Nativity before. Is it like Christmas festival? I love New Year party because I was born on January 1st! Emotion: smile Christmas is not our traditional festival, but now, it became a good occation for us to send our family members, relatives and friends greetings cards or gifts. What do you do in Nativity, Ruslana? It's wonderful to know more about this day! Emotion: wink

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A nice birth date! :-D
Yes, Nativity is like Christmas festival. But we don't celebrate it in such a big way like your Christmas or our New Year festivals. That is because of USSR ideology, what persecuted all the existed religions... A lot of Russian people got out of the habit of celebrating religious festivals. But we are coming back to it little by little... Thank God. :-)

Sorry. I stop writing because it is a real offtopic.
Yes Ruslana, "shall" (this is the polite form) is still used, though not as widely as it was...

You can use shall:

I yes

You no

He / She / It no

We yes

You no

They no

Hope this helps...

Thank you, YoHf.

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