I am not a good story teller, but here it goes:

I am about to marry the most important person in my life: Diana. I would never exchange her for anything, or I thought I wouldn't. However, my feelings are thrown into a very unwieldy mixture. Her sister acts really weird: She always bends down for me to see her thighs; She always asks me if I could help her put on some of her beautiful dresses; And then finally, she pressed her lips against mine. What does it mean?

I am strong and faithful, but she is tenacious; she tells me that my future father-in-law asked her to tell me he wanted to meet with me. Unsuspectingly, I followed her into their house. It is only now that I am inside that I realize it is all a lie. She modeled through the stairs of the house, and to my surprise, once at the second to the highest rung of the ladder, she slipped her underwear down and threw it at me. Copiously succint, she asks, "Follow me." I walked out of the door into my car.

My dad stands by my car with tears in his smiling eyes. He ran to me and exalted, "You are the best man for our daughter." I realized, it was all a test: A test I almost failed. To all, this I shall say: Always leave your condom in the car.
What a weird story! What twisted minds they all seem to have! Sorry, but I don't get the end. When you say my dad stands by me you mean "her" dad? I love this kind of stories. I would say they fall into the categories of stories written from a man's point of view. The morale: poor man, she is so perfidious! On second thoughts, although I would never like to find myself in a situation similar to this one, I think the end is really funny. lol.
This was good, nice twist at the end. It reminds me of the time when.....oops! I have to go!
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Actually, it was meant to be a joke--ya know, the part where one should always keep the condom in the car: The father of the bride thought he was being sincere, but in reality, he was going to get his condom in the car and come back. I purposely worded the end vaguely, but I guess it was too vague.

The story is not mine, so all I did was actually write it to the best of my knowledge.
haven't I mentioned sth about my reading skills on this particular subject?