Hi there, I need your help. I would like to learn what the different is between '' I told you and I have told you.''
This is something I really did not understand,where can we use these sentence? I will be glad to hear which one of them is correct...... thank you so much. cagdas
When you say 'I told you' you are saying that you told a person on a specific occasion. For Example: I told you to do your homework yesterday. (In this case it was yesterday that the person was told.)

I have told you means that the person was told but there is no reference to when the person was told. For example: I have told you time and time again to do your homework.
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hi chris,
I really dont know how to thank you for your help ...you know since i began to learn english you are only one who made me understood it ,the example's you gave me are very good to understand them ....thank you for spending your time for this , best wishes from Turkey
Hi Caqdas,

Thank you for your kind words. It's a pleasure answering questions, keep them coming in!