In the following link, a native speaker says they don't say "starting member" as in "Is he a starting member?".


But there are many news articles that apparently use this particular expression as follows. What gives???

(1) Following the untimely passing of her sister, Landra, Joseph adopted and raised her nephew, Rakeem Christmas. Christmas recently earned his bachelor’s degree in communications, in three years, from Syracuse University where he is a starting member of the men’s basketball team.

Link: http://www.phillytrib.com/metros/article_c82d8e46-6515-5313-a884-1d0ea89d27e2.html

(2) For the first time since 2006, Garoppolo is a starting member of a football team, a junior linebacker for Western Illinois. 

Link: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2010-09-14/sports/ct-spt-0915-prep-college-catchup-20100914_1_...
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I also need some version of starting member. Contect is being a member within an group, i.e. member from it's inserection, but not the founder. Otherwise would be founding member.

In my case I'm a company, member in an group of companies. Some joined later. We've been there from day 1. But the founder is a government agency, so I cannot call us founding member.

Any suggestion how we can tell others that we've been part of this group, with the power of being kind of a founder?


anonymousI cannot call us founding member.

Maybe "original member" or "charter member".

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