Hello there.

As I post in other thread in this site, I am programming a "Synonymizer" software. It will replace synonyms for words in any text, mainly for vocabulary enrichment.

So far I haven´t seen something like that in the web.

Now we need a synonym list available as text file. Anyone know where I can get it? Other than typing 100,000+ words....

Anyone who can contribute such a list will be rewarded: credits in the software screens, free copies of the final software, or even some money.

We are also adding some writing-help tools, like a word frequence analyzer, in order to make it more complete.

Thanks for any input!

I have seen such a software. Its our own Microsoft Word Emotion: smile
http://www.site.uottawa.ca/~mjarmasz/thesis/ may be a

From the introduction:

This dissertation presents an implementation of a machine-tractable version of the 1987 Penguin
edition of Roget’s Thesaurus – the first implementation of its kind to use an entire current
edition. It explains the steps necessary for taking a machine-readable file and transforming it into
a tractable system.
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Also, check out Project Gutenberg for various thesauri in various formats.

I have a new application for auttocorrect, which is normally used to instantly correct common spelling errors such as changing teh to the. You may also know that you can add your own entries and even add abbreviations. When I type "fi", for instance appears on the screen. fe = for example; st = such that, etc. There are seemingly unlimited shortcuts you can add, but there are even more applications such as auto translator and auto paraphraser.

To create a translato, you would simply program each word to the equivelant in another language. For example, if I changed autocorrect to change house to casa and vice-versa and then added hundreds and thousands of additional words, it would be instant.

The same holds true as a paraphraser. If I make exciting change to thrilling and vice versa and add thousands of other words and phrases that mean the same thing like for instance and for example, MS Word will automatically paraphrase the document. While it would not change the sentence structure, it would be a start. You can also use it so a person's normal and boring vocabulary would instantly be changed to more powerful words.

Does anyone know how to use macros to automatically program all the entries into autocorrect? If it could cut and paste each side of the list it would be very possible and saves months of work.

Hi Sergio, did you have any luck finding a list of synonyms? I'm a student at Stanford and we're looking for a similar list as part of a class project. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!

I can be reached at

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