I want to say that I am in charge of the following of the "potential deal" that could arise from our partnership, and to say so I use:

The follow-up of the affair is dealt by:
Mr ***
Email: Email Removed

Is it correct to say it like that?

Thanks in advance
Hi Ludo,

2 small errors in your proposal.

1/ The use of a hyphen is not necessary in 'follow up'.
2/ The word affair has connotations which are not applicable in business language; I personally would avoid the use of this word where possible.
Alternatives for affair could be: matter, proposal, project, agreement, understanding etc. If there has been a document signed, Memorandum of Understanding could also be used.

Hope this helps.
Thxs for your answer TimboEmotion: smile
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What's a "potential deal"? Is it a future arrangement?
Yep, in fact as part as my internship I write a brochure to convince potential customers to buy our service

Well, you sound quite convincing! Good luck.
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Thxs I will need luck with my lovely French accent Emotion: stick out tongue lol