Lex: Wait a minute. You're not dating anyone?
Come on, what about all the legions of
female reporters scurrying under your feet?

Grant: What about them?

Lex: Lois Lane, for example. Sexy. Smart.

Grant: All true. Doesn't mean l have to date her.
ls that not poetry in motion? Are you becoming emotional?

Lex: So l guess you've been researching
an article on her bra size lately?
Don't think so.

There's a popular song from the sixties by that name. The guy is saying that his girlfriend is poetry in motion - That is, it's a beautiful experience to watch her move.

It's a rather callous bit of male chauvenism to refer to a woman as "that," as though she were not a person but simply a thing of beauty.
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Thanks, Avangi!
Hi, Avangi!
I just spotted a video in Youtube about this particular scene:

And I have doubts he meant his girlfriend by the poetry in motion line.
Could he have meant the shot he just made? He says the line at 0:35.
Madhulk Could he have meant the shot he just made?
Yes, of course! But the creator of the scene may be something of a poet as well. Emotion: smile
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