hi guys,i need help,,,i have a lecture about this question,and im going to rebut the existence of God,,,and i want u to say your opinion about it.do you believe in God or not?why?
Well you need to realise this is an English forum, so you'll need to frame it in a way that requires your english to be checked Emotion: smile
I would suggest though that God can be neither proved or disproved. All one might do is refute one's own finite imaginings which never reflect reality anyway.

Hello Anon;

Your question does not seem to be about English grammar or idioms. We do have a forum for discussing controversial issues, so your post has been moved here.
It might be useful if you would give a few specifics, such as which "God" (which religion) is central to the debate.
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Yes I agree that you need to be more specific when asking such a "loaded question". With so many cultures and religions in the world, which God are you referring to? Remember, some cultures have 100's and even 1000's of deities they consider gods...also, let's not rule out goddesses or demi-gods either. So when you use the word "God" so loosely, just remember that people have different views on the subject.
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After reading the “question” I thought, surely no God would create a universe in which such a post could exist... but then I read your answer.

Ok. I am someone who identifies as non-religious for starters.

So my take on this one.

As has been mentioned it is impossible to "disprove" the existence of a creator / deity / god / gods.

It's much like trying to disprove anything that someone claims that cannot be tested scientifically.

We know that the eath is a globe. It's beyond doubt (aside from some very odd people who claim its flatness and go on about NASA consipricies)

We know that evolution (by natural selection) is a fact. The scientific proof is indisputable, and we can rightly ridicule those who deny it.

However, claiming a god or gods is impossible, and will always be impossible to "disprove" 100%

But then so is Carl Sagan's invisible dragon in his garage.

But what we can do is look at the evidence for a "likelihood" of a god.

For me, I would start with

1. How many religions are there and have there been? Do any actually agree on what god is?

Your religion should you have one is an accident of birth. Someone born in India is most likely to end up being a Hindu, and believing in a multiple deity set of beliefs. Someone born in Iran is likely to be a Muslim, Brazil, you're likely to be a Catholic Christian.
Why would a god, or gods not send the same message to different parts of the world?

Go back in time and we believed the sun was a god, or the moon. As knowledge progresses, we know more and more about reality.

2. Has praying ever been scientifically tested to be useful? (answer... no. Fun fact, Lourdes in France is a place where people go to try and cure illnesses, but it turns out it is a hotspot of illness. You are more likely to get ill going there than get cured)

3. If we take the Christian belief that our God is a loving god, then why does it commit mass murder, countenance rape, torture, massacre, incest and slavery in the Old testament?
(The easy and most likely answer to this is these things were cultural norms at the time of writing - Would a Bible written now look quite different?)

I believe that belief in a deity is a way of filling in the gaps in our knowledge. We as a species ask questions about the world and are afraid of the unknown... So if something is unknown, we fill that hole with GOD.

I'm reminded of the joke about he dyslexic agnostic who pondered the question, 'Is there a dog?' Emotion: big smile

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Dear Sir, Yes of course there is a God also it,s called Creator, Allah, The Owner, The King etc.


Dear Sir, Yes of course there is a God

There is no 'of course about it. No evidence that a god or gods exist has ever been produced .

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