If A has to pay a sum for something, but for whatever reason he is unable to make the payment at the material time, and B pays for A instead and gets refunded later by A, here comes my query, is there a specific word to describe the act of B here?

another example may be in legal actions, in our country when u file a case with the court you shall PAY the court costs upfront though if you win the case later, the court costs shall eventually be borne by the opponent.

i found the word ADVANCE and PREPAY for this idea, but i/m looking for a most suitable one.
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Hi, Vincent.
To me the two examples call for different words.
The first thing that came to my mind while reading your first sentence was "to buy something on credit. Do you think it fits?
As for the second sentence, "upfront payment/payment in advance/advance payment" seems OK to me.
Hi, Miche, first thank u for ur confirmtn of win the bidEmotion: smile

for the subject query, i presume u missed somthing of the context. suppose A and B are friends or B is the agent of A as is often the case in commercial activites, what would you arrive at? I guess it's not on credit this time.
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I'm not quite sure what you're looking for either, Vincent-- 'B pays on behalf of A?
ok. this is really hard to explain. but we do have such a specific word in chinese as what we say daidian or dianfuEmotion: smile when i say that, i mean i will pay out the money for you for the time being but in the meanwhile i'm thinking of being repaid later by you. since my work has much to do with laws, i'd like to give another example like this:

suppose A as a lawyer accepts entrustment of B to act as B's attorney to handle a suit. A called B to inform: "to file the case you are supposed to pay USD10000 as the court costs" B replies that"sorry i'm travelling on business in south africa, i cannot remit out the money before the dealine" then A may probably say"ok I'll daidian for you, and you can pay me back when you come back from the travel"

hope it works this time!
"vouch"? (in a barely audible voice)
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I don't think we have that precise verb, Vincent. I still like

'OK, I'll pay on your behalf, and you can pay me back when you come back from the trip'


'OK, I'll pay for you, and you can pay me back when you come back from the trip'

or maybe

'OK, I'll cover (it) / take care of it for you, and you can pay me back when you come back from the trip'

These are just general English, though, not legalese.
Could you be looking for the word "agent"?
Hi, Mister. you should be right for i consulted a Chinese-English dictionary which tells that dianfu (in chinese) is "pay for sb and expect to be repaid later"

it's a pity that English abundant in vacalbulary missed such a counterpart to chinese.
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